THEVPA Expertise

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and our positive approach to any task providing support for all your business needs.

Schedule Management

Scheduling meetings, co-ordinating diaries across time zones and setting up conferencing links can consume several hours per day. THEVPA can take responsibility of this, allowing you the time to concentrate on the meeting objectives. 

Communications Management

Email is designed to enable businesses to communicate effectively, yet too much time can be spent reading and responding to non-urgent requests. THEVPA ensures effective communication management, prioritising what needs your attention first. 

Application Management

With the number of applications available to businesses, management and integration of apps can divert your attention from the priorities that need your focus. THEVPA can help reduce the time you spend managing your tools.


As an entrepreneur your ideas need to be bought to life but with so many items on your 'to do list' often small yet important tasks are delayed. THEVPA can organise your actions and priorities keeping you on track to achieve your KPI's.


Researching for a new project is key to understanding which strategies should be implemented in order to achieve your objectives. THEVPA can research against your requirements and present you with clear and concise information.

Complex Travel Itineraries

Relieve the stress of co-ordinating flights, hotel reservations and managing delays. THEVPA have a passion for travel and a wealth of knowledge to provide tailor made itineraries, managing all aspects of your travel requirements and correspondence.